Air Purity Testing & Breathing Air Testing

AIR PURITY TESTING & BREATHING AIR TESTING – Birmingham, West Midlands – CJS Direct Ltd


Air purity testing and breathing air testing of compressed air used for breathing airlines  is a legal requirement; the air purity and breathing air testing carried out by CJSD Direct ensure that  the quality standards comply with BSEN12021/ ECN529; this is to control the exposure to your employees to serious health risks, related to the contamination within a typical compressed air system.

After our air purity testing and breathing air testing, with detailed reporting provided by our specialist engineers, you’ll be able to satisfy yourself, and your employees that they are working in a safe environment.

COSHH regulations 178 states: air supplied to breathing apparatus should be tested at least once every three months.

CJS Direct can manage all your air purity testing and breathing air testing requirments; our experienced engineers will carry out on site testing, analyse the recordings and certify a satisfactory pass; should a test fail, then our factory trained engineers are on hand to resolve the problem. Whilst managing your testing, we will remind you when the test is due and arrange a pre-planned visits.

In most cases, a failure is due to the maintenance on your Compressor and or filtration, as well as purity testing, we offer maintenance to all aspects of Compressed Air.

For total piece of mind, we can offer you a complete service contract, with 24/7 call out.



An extract from the relevant legislation (EN 529:2005 (E)) states:

A compressor system will have produced the compressed air supplied to a breathing apparatus. The compressor system may be used for filling individual high-pressure vessels or those on a mobile trolley or to supply air direct to breathing apparatus  and other air tools used in the workplace.

Contaminants can mix with the compressed air at various stages of it’s production and supply. Any presence of contaminants in unacceptable quantities will render the air unsuitable as ‘breathing air and can threaten the health and safety of the respiratory protective device wearer.

This where CJS Direct Ltd will be able to ensure that there is no threat to the operative, contact our office to discuss a visit from our trained and efficient staff – 0121 327 0395.