AIRnet – Pipework Solutions


AIRnet pipework installation solutions are ideal if you are considering renovation, extension or modification of your existing air system; AIRnet systems can be completed up to 70% faster than more traditional piping such as galvanised, this is because the lightweight AIRnet aluminium pipes and polymer fittings require no complex tools. The pipes are easy to cut and the polymer fittings ensure a perfect alignment instantly, it is also adaptable to any existing pipework. To see just how good, quick and simple AIRnet is check out the following link and see the results of the AIRnet challenge.

The AIRnet pipework solutions requires no complex tools due to it’s lightweight aluminium pipes and polymer fittings you cannot beat the speed of AIRnet installations.

“What are they on about?” I can hear you ask, polymer and aluminium? both are highly durable, ideally suited for compressed air as well as for vacuum and nitrogen gas. A real benefit is that AIRnet pipework solutions are resistant to corrosion, mechanical shocks, thermal variations and outdoor weather conditions.

CJS Direct can provide a complete service of advising prior to any other considerations, our in-house team, who have vast experience in custom designs for industry will then design and install the system, tailor made to your requirements; one of the beauty’s of the AIRnet system is that it leaves scope for future additions should you require expansion of the system.