Bambi Air Compressors

Bambi Air Compressors

Bambi Air Compressors, MADE IN BIRMINGHAM, remember the days…

Quality manufacturing is still alive and well at Bambi Air Compressors, based in Birmingham Heartlands, the traditional seat of Birmingham manufacturing, whether it be sales, service, repair or parts then CJS Direct Ltd ought to be your first port of call for anything connected with Bambi Air Compressors; we provide prompt and efficient service at all times, we stock a full range of service kits, oil and lubricants, contact our sales team or shop online, many items available on next day delivery provided we receive the order prior to the cut off time.

The Bambi range of air compressors are suited to a wide range of industry, medical, dental and scientific applications; when a silent air compressor is what’s needed the Bambi range will fit the bill.

Contact our sales team on 0121 327 0395 to discuss which of the Bambi Air Compressors would suit your particular requirements or click here to access the Bambi Air Compressor range, we have some great saving currently on offer.

BAMBI air compressors


Bambi Air Compressors that you can buy WITH CONFIDENCE from CJS Direct Ltd:

Bambi – BB8
Bambi – BB15V
Bambi – BB15
Bambi – BB24
Bambi – BB24V
Bambi – BB24D
Bambi – BB50D
Bambi – MD 35/20
Bambi – MD 75/80
Bambi -MD 75/150
Bambi – MD 75/150V
Bambi – MD 75/250
Bambi – MD 75/250V
Bambi – MD 150/500
Bambi – MD 225/1000
Bambi – HT3
Bambi – HT3-2P
Bambi – HT15
Bambi – HT15-2P
Bambi – HT24
Bambi – HT24-2P
Bambi – HTS5
Bambi – VT75
Bambi – VT75D
Bambi – VT150
Bambi – VT150D
Bambi – VT200
Bambi – VT200D
Bambi – VT250
Bambi – VT250D
Bambi – VT300
Bambi – VT300D
Bambi – VT400
Bambi – VT400D
Bambi – VTS75
Bambi – VTS75D
Bambi – VTS150
Bambi – VTS150D
Bambi – VTS200
Bambi – VTS200D
Bambi – VTS250
Bambi – VTS250D