CompAir Air Compressors

CompAir air compressors – innovative compressed air solutionsCompAir Air Compressors

CompAir air compressors, where reliability and quality walk hand-in-hand, from the fixed and regulated speed oil lubricated L-Series which start at 2kW and go up to an impressive 22kW!

Just some of the benefits of the L-Series Lubricated Screw Compressors:

Advanced Compressor air-end: Designed and manufactured by CompAir to deliver highest outputs reliably and efficiently

High Efficiency Drive Motor: Reduces running costs

Electronic Control System: Reliability and simplicity of operation

Simplified Servicing: Routine service items grouped in one area, reducing downtime and costs

Long-Life Oil: Reduces servicing costs by extending oil change periods to up to 4,000 hours

Up to 45°C Ambient Capability: Ensures reliability and stress-free operation through efficient heat dissipation

Low Noise Levels: Compressors can be located near operators

High Quality Air: Efficient air/oil separation and optimum after-cooling

7 – 13 bar: Wide pressure range available

Back-up: ASSURE industry leading family of extended warranties

If oil free is required then the same high quality can be obtained in the D range of CompAir air compressors, oil free screw compressors.

The DH Series – 15 – 37 kW Oil Free Screw Compressors

No Oil Anywhere in Machine or Components: Guaranteed 100% oil free air

Water Injected Compression: Near isothermal conditions

Single Screw Design: Lower enery


One of our dedicated team at CJS Direct Ltd in Birmingham, West Midlands will be able to advise you on the best model of CompAir air compressor available for your particular requirements.