Hydrovane air compressors

Why Hydrovane Air Compressors?

Hydrovane air compressors are a product that CJS Direct Ltd are proud to be associated with; whether it be new or used Hydrovane air compressors, service kits, filters, bearings, piston rings, motors and pumps and even lubrication oil plus all types of spares and parts for  Hydrovane air compressors, we offer great value.

All Hydrovane air compressors are engineered to meet the most stringent of specifications; the Hydrovane air compressor range has a solution for all applications, from small car body repair shops to the largest of manufacturing production lines. We also carry a wide range of parts and undertake service and maintenance on all the compressors in the Hydrovane range.

Key features

  • Direct drive at low speed with minimal stresses.
  • Consistent pulse free supply of quality air
  • Long lasting Air ends, no bearings or metal parts to replace


  • From 1 kW to 75 kW
  • Quiet, integral compact design combined with slow speed
  • Quick and easy to maintain, cost effective servicing
  • Pressure, up to 10 bar
  • Energy saving models 7-45 kW.
  • Optional extras, include dryer, filtration and vessel
  • Warranty, HV01-RM – HV07-RM, 1 Year.
  • HV04 – HV75 Verticle, 5 Year warranty, Air end extended to 10 Years.

Best of all, manufactured in the UK locally in the Hydrovan air compressor state-of-the-art Redditch factory.

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