Jun-Air Service Kits

Jun-Air Service Kits

When only genuine Jun-Air service kits will suffice; choose genuine replacement parts and accessories that will maintain the performance of your Compressor system. Jun-Air service kits are made up of parts and accessories that meet design specifications developed from over 25 years of compressor manufacturing experience; all components of our Jun-Air service kits are fully inspected, prior to packaging and shipment to you.

Regular Preventative Maintenance (PM) is critical to the performance and uptime of any compressor. Therefore based on years of experience maintaining our products Jun-Air has developed a series of Basic and Comprehensive (PM) kits to enable you to effectively extend the lifetime of your system while minimizing the total cost of ownership.

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Jun-Air Service Kits available from CJS Direct:

5470350 Intermediate service kit f/OF301
5470375 Comprehensive service kit f/OF301
5470400 Intermediate service kit f/OF302
5470450 Comprehensive service kit f/OF302
5470475 Intermediate service kit f/2xOF302
5470476 Comprehensive service kit f/2xOF302
5470480 Intermediate service kit f/OF1201
5470485 Intermediate service kit f/OF1202
5470490 Intermediate service kit f/2xOF1202
5470495 Comprehensive service kit f/OF1202
5470498 Comprehensive service kit f/2xOF12025472010 Intermediate service kit f/M3 (serial number >510104)
5472012 Comprehensive service kit f/M3 (serial number >510104)
5472013 Comprehensive M4
5472014 Intermediate service kit f/M6
5472016 Comprehensive service kit f/6
5472017 Comprehensive service kit f/M6
5472040 Service kit f/2-600 motors
5472045 Comprehensive service kit f/M1000
5472050 Comprehensive service kit f/M2000
5472067 Service kit f/OF1202-(BD)-(MD)
5472145 Intermediate service kit f/M1000
5472150 Intermediate service kit f/M2000