Laboratory Air Compressors

Laboratory Air Compressors

Laboratory air compressors and CJS Direct are synonymous; with many years experience in providing clean dry air for highly sensitive laboratory equipment we can advise on size and suitability on which laboratory air compressors are available for the type of equipment you’re using.

The air compressors that we stock are second to none, Jun-Air and Bambi are our preferred suppliers, with unparalleled quality in manufacture and thus the final product we are confident that we can supply you with the most appropriate laboratory air compressor that you need.

If you are unsure of the size and type of compressor you need, whether it requires dry air, filtration etc, once you  can provide us with the flow rate of your system requirements we will be able to recommend an appropriate machine; give one of our ever helpful sales team a call and discuss you requirements.

Both the Jun-Air and Bambi range of laboratory air compressors come with or without dryers, if noise is an issue then the good news is that both manufacturers produce compressors that come in noise reducing cabinets, with noise levels down to 54 dB – ‘Quiet suburb, conversation at home. Large electrical transformers at 100 feet.’ (data source: IAC Acoustics, a Division of Sound Seal Inc.). Data sheet’s on the complete range of laboratory air compressors that CJS Direct stock can be supplied by our highly trained sales team, give them a call for a no-obligation chat.

Most of our laboratory air compressors are easily available, many with next day delivery (provided the order is received before mid-day) available from our state-of-the-art warehouse facility in the Birmingham Heartlands of Witton in Aston. Collection is an option, we have a trade counter open from 08:00 – 16:30 Monday to Friday manned by our experienced staff.

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Laboratory Air Compressors