The Benefits Of A CJS Compressed Air Maintenance Contract

Purchasing a Compressed Air Service Contract offers many benefits to your business:


By taking out a CJS Direct Compressed Air Service Contract you can accurately budget for the regular maintenance of your equipment. This helps in financial planning and helps to prevent any unexpected costs due to breakdowns.

Minimising The Risk:

The fixed costs of a service contract can help you reduce the risk of expensive repairs / overhauls that may be needed if regular maintenance is neglected.


Regular planned maintenance improves the reliability of the compressed air equipment, this minimises the downtime of production equipment which is reliant on compressed air.

Preventative Maintenance:

Being able to budget by having fixed costs can help encourage regular and timely maintenance, this is essential for extending the life of the compressed air equipment and ensuring it is always at its most efficient.

Tailored Plans:

Our service plans can be tailored to meet the needs of your business. We can off Energy Audits, Air Leakage Detection and Quality Air Testing, all of these can be built into the service contract to ensure your system is always at its best.

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