Written Scheme

All new and existing compressed air installations must conform to the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations.


PSSR2000 Written Scheme of Examination (WSE) is a legal document required for the use of a pressure system within a workplace. This document is written by a competent person who has inspected and tested your system, including vessel(s), pipework and protective devices. The inspector will record your equipment, make a simple drawing and then on going, we record the ongoing maintenance, including regular vessel examinations and compressor servicing.

Do you need one? If you have a Compressor with a storage vessel, then in most cases the simple answer is yes. If you calculate the operating pressure (bar) multiply by vessel volume (litres) this will equal the bar litres. Any system over 250 bar litres will need one.

How do I arrange one: Simply call us on 0121 327 0395, or contact us via the contact page.